My name is Samantha and I am a homesteader, a veterinary nurse, a health and fitness enthusiast and a strong believer that we should strive to only eat REAL and WHOLE foods!

In 2017 my fiance, Kyle, and I started a small organically run farm together at our home in Vermont. We have always been “foodies”, we both love to grocery shop, build new recipes, and try new things. But that can be expensive, so we thought, why not grown our own organic food and share it with the community!

In addition to our produce we have Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats including our does; Emmy Lou, Poppy, and Stitch (who just recently had twins!). We also have a wether name Sparrow to keep them all company! They are the silliest little things and they provide both ourselves and some of our community with fresh, organic goat milk!

We bake our own fresh bread, bagels, donuts, and more on a weekly basis and deliver them to members of our email list as well as sell them at a local farmers market. We strive everyday to work on our fitness, making our bodies the best they can be, as well as our healthy and our communities health, bringing healthy, wholesome, and real foods to the world!

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