Why Keep Backyard Laying Hens?

There are so many reasons to have chickens running around your yard!



If you have ever considered having chickens running through the grass, eating all your bugs, and laying you fresh eggs each day you have come to the right place! Chickens are one of the absolute easiest animals to raise, a gateway farm animal I would dare to say! But don’t let the inevitable spiral of livestock and farm “pets” stop you from starting your first, second, or 30th flock of backyard hens.

First, they will eat the bugs you hate the most!

Now, admittedly they are not quite as good as Guinea Hens, but they WILL eat those gross, mean, ugly ticks! I mean how much more do I have to say, they will eat the ticks in your yard. They wont clear you out or eradicate the populations but they will sure put a dent in it and, I don’t know about you, but my favorite tick is a dead tick!


Second, they are so extremely easy!

My chickens take about 20 minutes of my day to care for!! Anything above that is time I choose to spend with my egg laying ladies! They need water daily, unless you have a watering system like we do (I would recommend one like this). Of course, they need food, which is stored in a similar container (like this!). And every day when we let them in and out either Kyle or I checks in the coop to make sure no major messes were made with the food or water (they get a little excited in there sometimes!) and that no one is looking lethargic or ill. Other than that they take care of themselves!


Third, they give you food!

Isn’t that the goal? To live a life where you could walk outside and gather all the things you need to eat and provide for your family that day? Now, chickens can’t give you all that, but they provide eggs (Which are like super nutritious and make up a large part of the american diet) and meat. Its a pretty awesome feeling going outside and collecting the eggs from the chickens you raised by hand! In the northeast here my girls typically lay one egg a day unless it is extremely hot or extremely cold!


Lastly, they are a hoot!

Chickens are some of the silliest animals I’ve owned. There are few things as humorous in my backyard as watching the chickens play keep away from each other with what they have decided is a prime piece of grass, or better yet, a worm! And I’ll let you experience them running full speed across the yard to check something out for yourself!


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