Wait, When Did We Decide To Get Goats?

“I’m Just Going To Look!”

Kyle and I have been talking about getting goats for a few months now, we would say, “Hey it would be so awesome to have some goats!”, and then that was it. Then one day I did exactly what I do before we end up making a split second decision that will change the rest of our weekend (er, lives?). I went on craigslist to see what was in the area as I knew exactly what kind of goat I wanted, a Nigerian Dwarf! This is because they are known for some of the best, sweetest, and creamiest milk in the game. And come on, they are smaller than my dog, so cute!

So what I found was there was a bunch of goats in Vermont, who knew!! In fact there were two I was interested in, one an hour away, and one 5 minutes away. So, easy choice, the next day we headed out to check out our future goats!



Meeting our girls!

After a night of goat dreams, and barely making it through my half day at work (ok, I also had pneumonia but i’m pretty sure the anticipation was worse) we finally headed to meet these girls! The first thing that made this all feel right was how awesome the lady who owned them was. She truly loved these goats and you could tell the goats loved her too! I knew immediately I wasn’t getting myself into one of those situations the internet, and all my farming relatives, warned me about buying an animal off Craigslist. She showed us the girls and It was love at first sight I’ll tell ya!! Stitch, the momma, is a beautiful registered Nigerian Dwarf. But don’t be fooled, she has more personality than can truly fit into that small frame! And Poppy, her 12 week old doeling, is the biggest love bug in the world. I’ve only had her 3 days now and I know she loves me more than my cat ever has.

So we put them on hold, ran to the nearest feed store to gather the supplies we had not thought to get before this split second decision, and headed back to pick up our new goats!

This was an awesome weekend and as I write this I am about to go get ready for work, aka leaving my goats at home…by themselves…for a whole day…. I still haven’t recovered from some of the horror stories I’ve read about goat escapes even though my girls haven’t even looked at the fence twice!

So here’s to goats!! And here’s to hoping I still have goats when I return home today!

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